Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re full of passion and ideas… but you struggle to focus and effectively engage any of them 
  • You keep spending time and money on things that either don’t work or, for some reason, you don’t follow through on.
  • Too often you find yourself caught in a spiral of stress re-actively making (or not making) decisions and feeling disappointed with the outcome
  • You feel like you’re on an emotional roller-coaster, excited one minute and doubting yourself the next
  • You keep putting off doing the things you KNOW would help and don't know why you can’t seem to just DO them
  • Overwhelmed with all the things you need to do, there never seems to be enough time or energy to actually accomplish anything
  • The frustration of working hard but always being behind where you want to be is wearing you down…
  • And, honestly, you’ve started to wonder what’s wrong with you that you haven’t created joyful, fulfilling life yet

You are not alone!

I've worked with many people experiencing these same things and I've been there, too!

The first thing I want you to know is that it CAN be different.

- You CAN integrate all your passions into a purposeful life

- You CAN be calm and present in your life while hustling toward a goal

- You CAN gain the clarity to make confident decisions

- You CAN experience the joy and fulfillment you seek

So, you know that you need to do something different to get something different… but how?... That’s where most people get stuck.

You may have even sought out answers from other people, spending money for solutions that didn’t fit or you didn’t utilize. I know I did.

I spent a LOT of money and time trying to follow someone else’s path to success and then to figure out what was wrong with me that it wasn’t working. I’ve worked with business coaches, therapists, support groups, etc. They all had their benefits but it wasn’t until I learned the process of helping others seek and find their solutions that I gained the awareness of where I was getting in my own way and truly gained momentum, reclaiming my life journey.

So, here’s the deal, it’s not that something’s wrong with you or that you need someone to give you their answers for what you should do, it’s that you need to know the right questions to ask to find YOUR answers. 

That’s what I do. I help you tap into your subconscious with the right questions to find YOUR solutions to move you forward.

"I wish I could take Valerie and just shrink her and pop her in my pocket. Is that a weird way to write a testimonial? If so... I am okay with being weird. I cannot express what this program and she has done for me. I was STRESSED and just  D-O-N-E. I knew something had to change. Valerie helped me work through the hard shit that has been holding me back from some pretty big shifts in life, business and all around mom-ness" and I cannot thank her enough. We all need a little pocket Valerie..."

-Amy Lockrin

Since I can’t be in everyone’s pocket...

I developed this course from the common blocks I’ve helped dozens of clients work through and find solutions that work for them.

This course is designed to help you tap into your higher self by asking yourself the right questions and building your unique stepping stones to move forward and shift the way you do life from the inside, out.

We’ll reset the mindset foundation you build your life from and bring together the person you want to be with the actions that fit, so that your efforts are aligned with YOU bringing freedom and flow into the way you do life.

"Valerie Friedlander has an amazing gift when it comes to helping others understand themselves and to dig deeper in what’s standing in their own way of reaching success. Her exercises are so helpful and has brought clarity and has also helped me with my confidence in my personal and business life. I have seen a shift in myself that I didn’t think was possible and removed me from being stuck to taking action and it has been a direct result of working with her."

-Vanessa Gurrusquieta

Create Your FLOW

When you have Full Life Ownership you're able to navigate the waves of life in an aligned way, moving more easily forward toward your goals and enjoying the process. You live a life of flow rather than of force.

  • Clarity

    Find clarity on who you are and what you want from your life experience.

  • Confidence

    Develop the confidence to move forward without mindset blocks.

  • Motivation

    Understand what drives and motivates you, and leverage that in all areas of life.

  • Fulfillment

    Create more alignment in your life and find true fulfillment.

  • Freedom

    Free yourself from mindset blocks, and open doors to new possibilities!

  • Purpose

    Identify your life purpose and explore ways to honor that purpose.

During your FLOW journey we'll cover:

  • 1
    Welcome To Create Your FLOW
    • Welcome From Valerie Friedlander
    • Tips on engaging this course
    • Flow Summary Sheet
  • 2
    Creating Clarity Of Vision
    • Creating Clarity Of Vision
    • Being Who You Want To Be Meditation
    • Life Vision Worksheet
    • Written Version of Mediation for hearing impaired
  • 3
    Harnessing The Power Of Values
    • Harnessing The Power Of Values
    • Values Exercise
  • 4
    The Impact Of Your Perception
    • The Impact Of Your Perception
  • 5
    Re-Writing Your Rules
    • Author The Narrative Of Your Life
    • Creating New Stories Worksheet
  • 6
    Re-purposing Your Inner Critic
    • Re-purposing Your Inner Critic
    • Transform Your Inner Critic Guide
  • 7
    Fantastic Emotions And How To Use Them
    • Fantastic Emotions And How To Use Them
    • Shift Your Reactions
    • What's your Stress Language?
    • Pocket Pacifier - Audio
    • Emotions Inventory spreadsheet
    • Stress Release Strategies and Response Tools
  • 8
    Setting Empowering Boundaries
    • Setting Empowering Boundaries
    • Boundaries Check-In Exercise
  • 9
    Creating An Aligned Plan
    • Creating An Aligned Plan
    • Creating an Aligned Plan Worksheet
    • Time Clarity Worksheet
  • 10
    Developing Harmonizing Habits
    • Developing Harmonizing Habits
    • Shifting Habits
  • 11
    Maintaining A Supportive Mindset
    • Maintaining A Supportive Mindset
  • 12
    • Determining Business/Career Focus
    • Couple Alignment Workbook

Hi! I'm Valerie!

I'm a Life/Business Alignment Coach and I help compassionate, badass boss women create an aligned life so they can sustainably pursue their purpose in the world.

Our society has a multitude of limiting beliefs about life, love, and what it takes to be successful as a woman. Many of these beliefs have infused our subconscious with self-sabotaging patterns.

My job is to help you understand your patterns and consciously shift them, reclaiming your power to confidently AND joyfully live life your way and effectively make the impact you're here to make.

You are an awesome woman doing awesome things in the world and you CAN enjoy a life that reflects that awesomeness.

Hi! I'm Valerie!

"The exercises really helped me see the patterns and habits that I actually hadn’t realized were holding me back. I used that clarity to finally get out of my own way and create a new perspective that supports who I want to be and my ability to take action towards my goals."

 -Karen Delano

Self-growth is an ongoing process...

But it doesn't have to be overwhelming!

This course is a living program that you will have access to as long as it exists. 

I developed this program based on my continuing research, training, and client work. This means that as I learn new concepts and encounter areas that want for further support, I will continue to add to this program based on the needs of my clients and students.

AND if you ever have questions or want more support in a particular area, email me!

I'm here for you and am always happy to hear from you.

It’s time for you to reclaim your power to change the rules so that you can own this game of life.

Let's DO this!